Why Choose Rice & Associates, Ltd.?

Our experience can mean a better settlement offer or jury award for you. Rice & Associates, Ltd., represents individuals injured in negligent occurrences by offering honest, personalized, and committed representation. Our firm's services stand out because:

  • We take a serious approach to your case
  • Attorney Patrick Rice is a former insurance defense attorney
  • We only handle plaintiff cases — we never defend insurance companies

Our Wheaton, Illinois, law firm has the courtroom and trial experience that really matters to your case. Because of our extensive experience, we have the ability to anticipate the legal maneuvers of defense attorneys. We will use a network of professionals in the medical, dental, forensic and accident reconstruction fields to develop and present the most effective case for you. When the insurance lawyers see how serious we are about pursuing a significant jury award in court, you are likely to receive a higher settlement offer at the negotiating table.

Patrick Rice's Extensive Experience

Mr. Rice conducts seminars on trial advocacy, civil law and tort law on a continual basis, including more than 50 presentations in the past 20 years. In addition, he has written numerous law journal articles on ethical representation of clients, personal injury litigation and trial advocacy. He is the past president of DuPage County Bar Association, the third largest bar association in Illinois, and is a past delegate to the state and American bars. Additionally, he was an adjunct professor of law.

Our approach to presenting an effective catastrophic injury claim is based on our knowledge that nothing in the law is black and white and things change from case to case. An effective trial attorney has to be aware of the changing courtroom and political environments. A strategy that worked 10 years ago, or even last month, may not be effective today. As the sympathies of personal injury trial judges and juries have changed, so has the way we develop and present successful catastrophic injury claims for our clients.

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Contact Rice & Associates, Ltd., at 630-260-8880 to schedule a free consultation about your personal injury or wrongful death claim. We cover the costs of investigation and case development. You will not pay attorney fees unless you receive money for your catastrophic injury, wrongful death claim, or malpractice claim.