Experienced Representation In Medical Negligence Issues

Medical negligence often results in devastating, life-altering injuries and deaths. Failure to diagnose cancer, surgical errors resulting in brain damage, mistakes made during childbirth and medication errors often can be directly attributable to one or more of your health care providers.

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Detailed And Thorough Analysis

Rice & Associates, Ltd., has earned a reputation for providing aggressive, intelligent representation for people and families affected by medical malpractice. We are selective with the cases we accept. This allows us to devote more time and resources to the clients we represent. Insurance attorneys know that we don't handle frivolous cases. Judges and opposing attorneys know that our legal team constructs cases that are fully investigated, and we present them clearly.

At our firm, we use professional resources to research the treatment history and the outcomes of each decision made by your doctors. By establishing known timelines, we are able to clearly determine when doctors should make appropriate decisions, and how their delays or treatment procedures may have affected your health. This can be crucial in emergency room (ER) error or hospital malpractice cases as well as birth injury cases that result in cerebral palsy or even wrongful death.

Over the years, we have achieved significant settlements and awards for our clients, enabling them to move forward in living their lives positively. We handle medical malpractice cases that involve significant injury, permanent disability or wrongful death. These types of cases include:

When we meet to discuss your case, our lawyers will fully explain our retainer policy and fee schedule, determined by the final settlement or jury award. We will fully discuss your medical negligence case and how Illinois and federal law applies to your right to damages.

When you hire us to represent you, attorney Patrick Rice will work directly with you throughout your medical malpractice case and you will always know how your claim is progressing in negotiations, and in the court process. Call our Wheaton office at 630-260-8880. We can also be reached online.