Aggressive Representation In Birth Injury Cases

The birth room in a modern hospital is supposed to be the happiest of places. When doctors, nurses, and other attending medical professionals aren't paying proper attention to the medical needs of the mother and baby, however, catastrophic injuries may result. Hypoxia, cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, and other injuries resulting in brain damage can leave a family with a lifetime of medical bills and rehabilitation.

At the personal injury and wrongful death law firm of Rice & Associates, Ltd., we take birth injury claims very seriously. We are an experienced birth injury law firm with the professional resources and knowledge of medical malpractice law necessary to construct and present a clear case for liability against the responsible physicians, staff and health care facility.

Birth Injuries May Be Caused By Improper Treatment During Prenatal Care

Often, birth injuries can be prevented through the proper diagnosis and treatment of the mother during prenatal care. Obstetricians have a responsibility to attend properly to the medical conditions and symptoms exhibited during the pregnancy. Specialists are available to treat the mother when necessary, but they are often called in too late. We have the experience needed to determine the timeline of medical conditions and care. We also rely on the expert opinions and testimony of medical consultants, insurance experts, and rehabilitation professionals to determine the expected medical and treatment expenses over the lifetime of the injured baby.

Compassionate Representation

We know that birth injuries to your baby can turn a happy time into a time of emotional turmoil and often guilt. We listen with compassion to your family's concerns, and we explain the legal process for investigating whether the injuries should have been prevented. We offer aggressive, effective legal strategies to help you get the compensation you need, and hold the medical providers accountable for their negligence.

If your baby was born with a birth injury, we can help. Contact our offices in Wheaton, Illinois, at 630-260-8880 to schedule a free consultation with attorney Patrick Rice. We accept all cases on a contingency basis and cover the costs of investigating, developing and filing your lawsuit. If you don't receive compensation for your claim, you will not pay lawyer's fees.