Sympathetic Representation For Dog Bite Victims

Many people don't take animal attacks and dog bites seriously. The fact is, however, that dog bites can cause disfigurement, acute soft tissue and nerve damage, and even post-traumatic disorders that can last for years. The personal injury law firm of Rice & Associates, Ltd., in Wheaton, Illinois, has significant experience helping people recover compensation to pay for medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering resulting from dog bites and other animal attacks.

If You Or Your Child Has Been Bitten By A Neighbor's Or A Relative's Dog

Dog bites nearly always involve the legal issue of premises liability. Many people who have been bitten are reluctant to sue the owner of the dog, who may be a friendly neighbor or relative. The fact is there may be several insurance options that are available to recover money, without any significant financial harm resulting to the dog's owner. If you are the victim of a dog bite that occurred on another person's property, you may be forced to sue their homeowners insurance for damages, in order to cover the significant cost of your medical expenses.

Attorney Patrick Rice is sympathetic to the concerns of dog bite victims who are worried about making enemies with the owner of a neighborhood dog. We handle dog bite cases with concern about the relationship between the plaintiff and defendant. We deal directly with the insurance company attorneys, and understand your concerns about causing financial and emotional distress for people you care about.

If You Or Your Child Has Been Bitten By A Stranger's Dog

If you've bitten or attacked without provocation by a stranger's dog, you have every right and reason to demand justice and compensation to cover losses for your injuries. We are an experienced law firm with the resources necessary to present a strong case for damages. In the majority of cases, the insurance company lawyers will offer a fair settlement when they see how serious we are about pursuing your case in court, if necessary.

Contact the office of Rice & Associates, Ltd., to schedule a free consultation about recovering money for your dog bit or animal attack injuries.