Serious Representation For Serious Bicycle And Pedestrian Injuries

With the considerable road construction and traffic congestion in the Chicago area, serious pedestrian or bicycle accidents occur daily leaving bicyclists, pedestrians and roadway construction workers injured, disabled or killed. If you, or a member of your family, has been significantly hurt by a motorist's negligence, contact us.

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Life-changing injuries can happen instantaneously and unexpectedly. Within seconds, a person may go from entering a crosswalk to being struck by a bus. Within seconds, a highway worker can sustain a fatal blow from the mirror of a truck driving too closely to the construction site. Within seconds, a train can hit a car crossing railroad tracks.

Bicyclists and pedestrians hit by passenger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, or commercial vehicles, such as delivery vans or busses, are subject to grave injury. An unprotected human body is no match for a speeding automobile. Damage to the human body often goes beyond bruises and abrasions to include:

Because injuries to bike riders and pedestrians can be life changing, our firm knows you may need significant resources for current and future needs. That is why we aggressively fight for a high settlement or verdict on your behalf. To build a solid case, we conduct a thorough investigation of the bicycle or pedestrian accident and consult industry experts.

Over the years, we have represented numerous individuals and families in holding drivers and companies accountable for careless and negligent behavior leading to pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

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Our goal is to obtain a financial award that will make it possible for you to move beyond being an accident victim, to living a positive life. We offer a free consultation to discuss your concerns and questions with a personal injury lawyer. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact our office in Wheaton, Illinois, at 630-260-8880 or contact us online.