Were You Injured By A Dangerous Or Defective Product?

When you work hard, you expect the tools you use to work hard for you. Unfortunately, regardless how careful you are and the safety precautions you may take, there is always a chance for personal injury from malfunctioning or defective equipment. If your family has been impacted by debilitating injury or premature death, contact us.

Looking Out For You When Others Do Not

At Rice & Associates, Ltd., we are experienced in fighting for the rights of Illinois' construction workers and industrial equipment operators. Our firm has successfully brought lawsuits against manufacturers for product liability claims.

Over the years, we have won significant product liability settlements and verdicts for our clients. For example, a man who suffered a debilitating back injury due to defective scaffolding settled for nearly one million dollars. A man who experienced partial loss of a limb to a defective salt spreader received a similar settlement.

The goal of our legal team is not merely to obtain a large financial award. Rather, we want to make sure you will have the resources you need to pay medical bills, to live well and to provide for your family in the years to come.

Led by attorney Patrick Rice, we strive to build solid cases through complete investigation, and the utilization of industry experts when appropriate. Additionally, we have developed the ability to anticipate the legal maneuvering of defense attorneys. In the legal and insurance communities, we have developed a formidable reputation for providing thorough an aggressive, yet ethical, representation.

Whether you suffered disfigurement, amputation or permanent disability from defective or malfunctioning equipment, know you have an advocate at Rice & Associates, Ltd. We will tenaciously pursue compensation for you and your family's product liability case. We offer a free consultation to discuss your concerns and questions with a qualified personal injury lawyer. Call our Wheaton office at 630-260-8880. We can also be reached online.